The Optimal Wellness program is a 6 week program that can be repeated as many times as desired to reach long term wellness.

Testimonial from Rosa

For me I am also over the moon .I reached  my goal weight .I still need to loose 3 kilos to get to my ideal weight according to fitbit .

Charmayne you knew this was my trial run for the wedding in June .

I will def do it again mid Jan with Cassandra and I am so happy that I will be able to guide her as I have learned a great deal from both you and Jamies videos.

Everyone who sees me notices that I have lost weight and wants to know what I am doing .

Many people around the world have achieved their goals following the concepts used in this program. The Wellness program employs weight management concepts in a simple and easy to use program that focuses on REAL FOOD, NOT GIMMICKS to help you towards your desired weight goals.

The program encourages the right kind of eating, snacking,supplementing and exercising along with a like minded community to get your body to burn its own fat stores (whilst maintaining muscle)and your mind to start thinking positively different. Simple!

Yes please.. send me the no obligation free information pack and video.

Testimonial from Renee

Woohoo!! The hardest part of the program for me is the first 3 protein days and then from there, it’s simple. I hit my goal weight on the final day which I’m very chuffed about!! Now it’s a matter of keeping the weight off. I will definitely continue to follow the program, but I won’t need to do another round.

Optimal Wellness Program

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